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  • Which is the best Fast Food restaurant in Hyderabad?
  • Which is the best Vegetarian restaurant in Hyderabad?
  • Which is the best cheap and best restaurant in Hyderabad?
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  • Which is the best Tiffin Center in Hyderabad?
  • Which is the best place to eat in Hyderabad?
  • Which is the best pub in Hyderabad?
Kamat Lingapur - Hyderabad Vegetarian Restaurants - Restaurants
Kamat Lingapur - Hyderabad
Kamat Lingapur - Hyderabad
  • Business Name:Kamat Lingapur - Hyderabad
  • Address 1:1-10-44/2, Chikoti Gardens,
  • Address 2:Begum Pet,
  • City:Hyderabad - 500 016
  • Web Page:
  • Phone Number:040 - 2776 42 42
  • Description:Kamat Lingapur is a 3 star hotel situated in heart of Hyderabad. It is well-known amongst both leisure and business travelers for its personalized service and hospitality. In 2001, Kamat Lingapur was awarded the 'Tourism Excellence Award' by the Department of Tourism (A.P.)

    Shri Rang is a part of Bengre’s R.P. Kamat Group, and embodies all the qualities that have made Kamat a household name for quality vegetarian food. Its beautiful ambience of piped Indian Instrumental music makes it stand apart from the general run of vegetarian restaurants.

    Shri Rang serves Chinese, Continental, and Indian Cuisines, apart from traditional snacks viz., Idlis, Dosas, Vadas, etc. It also has Kamats’ Khas dishes such as Bhoori Soup, Madrasi Soup, Aloo Song, Mooga Ghashi, Chavle Kodaial, Dali Toi, Kolambo, etc. which may not be served in any other hotels.

    Moreover, only the best of ingredients and the freshest of vegetables go into each and every dish – making eating at Shri Rang a Very Special Experience.

    1-10-44/2, Chikoti Gardens,
    Begum Pet,
    Hyderabad - 500 016
    Telephone - 091 - 040 - 2776 42 42
    Fax - 091 - 040 -2776 51 51
    Email -

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  • Voted Users:5
  • Last Voted Date:18 August,2014
  • Overall Rating: 
    [ Incredible ]

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