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Rajiv Udyogasri Govt of AP Government - Politics
Rajiv Udyogasri Govt of AP
Rajiv Udyogasri Govt of AP
  • Business Name:Rajiv Udyogasri Govt of AP
  • Address 1:Room No:310,IIIrd Floor, L-Block,
  • Address 2:LET & F Department,A.P.Secretariat, Hyderabad- 500063,
  • City:Hyderabad
  • Web Page:
  • Phone Number:040 23450833
  • Description:The basic objective of this mission is to provide 10 lakh jobs in next 2 years at the rate 10 jobs per village. This is a systematic approach to find a job. You can choose the training institute and get trained in the field of your interest and get the job. The eligibility creiteria is minimum 5th class.

    Rajiv Udyogasri will fill the gap that is existing due to the lack of skills in present day unemployed youth due to the un related syllabus in their academic qualifications. Rajiv Udyogasri will identify such unemployed youth and impart market demanding skills to the students with the funding of the government totally on free of cost and see that they will be observed by the Industries.

    The Objectives of Rajiv Udyogasri are as follows:

    1. To create a bridge of understanding between the industry and the government on behalf of the unemployed for effective realization of employment opportunities particularly in the private sector in Micro-enterprises, small-scale,Medium and Large scale Industries, including special economic zones and Industrial parks as a whole;
    2. To bring about convergence of various employment schemes and preparing a time bound action plan to achieve placements of atleast 10 lakh youth in the next two years, with 5 lakh youth in high-end jobs in the IT and ITES sector and other professional fields, and the remaining 5 lakh youth in the low-end jobs.
    3. To suggest measures to synergy of the plans and the programs of various Departments, engaged in employment generation activity.
    4. To advise on training and placement mechanism for effective implementation of the Rajiv Udyogasri scheme, including commissioning of special studies and opportunities in other states and abroad.
    5. To regularly examine the feedback on the progress of the Rajiv Udyogasri activities in different areas of the state and suggest measures to overcome hurdles under local conditions.
    6. To initiate public policy reforms where required in the realm of employment generation based on the experience gained.
    7. To promote proper manpower planning in the growing sectors of the national and global economy.
    8. To suggest a frame work for optimal utilization of the infrastructure available for training in different institutions, both Government and Private.
    9. To advice on regulatory aspects of the training and on development of training standards.

    for more details please contact:

    Rajiv Udyogasri,

    Room No:310,IIIrd Floor, L-Block,

    LET & F Department,

    A.P.Secretariat, Hyderabad- 500063,

    Phone No: 040 23450833, Fax No: 040 23450834.

    e-mail Id :

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  • Voted Users:73
  • Last Voted Date:03 April,2014
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Page Tags: Rajiv Udyogasri Govt of AP 10 lakh jobs find a job unemployed youth funding of the government employment opportunities Micro-enterprises, small-scale,Medium Large scale Industreis high-end jobs

Rajiv Udyogasri Govt of AP 10 lakh jobs find a job unemployed youth funding of the government employment opportunities Micro-enterprises, small-scale,Medium Large scale Industreis high-end jobs
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