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Andhra Pradesh Police Department Government - Politics
Andhra Pradesh Police Department
Andhra Pradesh Police Department
  • Business Name:Andhra Pradesh Police Department
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  • City:Hyderabad
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  • Description:Director General of Police:-

    The Director-General of Police is the head of the Police Department of the State. His main role is Law enforcement and thereby, to promote the dynamic Rule of Law. The functioning and administration of the police throughout the State are vested in him. He advises the Government on all police matters, both administrative and operational. He is responsible to the Government for the internal management, economy, equipment, training, discipline and efficient discharge of duties by all members of the force. He is ultimately responsible for making the Police organization fully efficient at all levels for preventing and detecting crime, maintenance of public order, law and order, safety and security and preservation of peace. He has to keep the Government informed of the state of crime and all political, communal, subversive and terrorist movements throughout the State and to advise the Government as to the manner of dealing with them.

    Subject to approval of the Government, he is vested with powers to frame such orders and regulations as may be necessary and expedient related to the prevention and detection of crime, promotion, preservation and maintenance of law and order, public order, public safety and security of the State and also related to the general management, utilization and deployment of the police force, the places of residence, classification, rank and particular service of the members there of, inspection and description of arms, accoutrements and other necessities to be furnished to them, institution, management and regulation of any police fund and prescribing books, register and returns to be submitted by the said force. He is also vested with powers to frame such orders and regulations related to the collection and communication of intelligence and information, and all such other orders and regulations related to the said force as he deems expedient from time to time for preventing abuse or neglect, for ensuring adherence to the guidelines of superior courts in the matters of investigation, arrest and other related matters and for rendering such force professionally efficient in the discharge of all its duties.

    He is the chief authority to coordinate and direct operations for the maintenance of public order, security and law and order, particularly in the event of widespread strikes, industrial unrest, riots, communal, subversive, terrorist disorders, or violent political movements. Police action and dispositions necessary to combat such disturbances or movements will be under his general direction and control.

    The strength of the police force as a whole and of various ranks is fixed by the Government. Any permanent increase or reduction in respect of these, in a Unit can be done, with prior approval or sanction of Government. It will, however, be within the powers of the Director General of Police (a) to re-allocate the strength within the police Units according to the exigencies of the administration arising from time to time, provided it does not exceed the total approved strength and ranks of the district or equivalent formations and (b) in the interests of improving quality of investigation or for more effective supervision or for improving technical support, to convert any posts from one rank or category or class to the other in respect of executive, ministerial and technical wings of the department and to position them any where with the approval of the Government.

    The Director General of Police shall have the powers of a District Magistrate throughout the State. These powers will be exercised in accordance with the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure 1973.

    He shall devote himself to planning, improving and making the entire state police an effective and impartial law enforcement agency, utilizing fully the latest concepts of police management, training and modern science and technology, including the application of Information Technology in the police department. Up gradation of skills for career development through training including on the job training and the improvement of supervisory and monitoring system in the police department shall be one of his core functions.

    He shall be the Chief of all Police Officers. He shall remain responsible for policy, direction and supervision of the entire State police and for ensuring coordination between different wings of the police and with other departments of the State and other States. He shall exercise all disciplinary and financial powers of a Head of Department and as authorized by the Government.

    The Director General of Police shall send reports to the Chief Secretary to the Government, with copies to the Chief Minister, the Home Minister, the Principal Secretary to the Government, Home Department and the Secretary to the Governor, on the subjects mentioned below. However the Ss.P., IsG/D.Is.GP, Cs.P/Addl. DGP/Addl. DGP CID may also send directly the reports to the Govt. as above under intimation to DGP to save delay.

    A. Disturbances occasioned by communal or caste or regional, or linguistic considerations.

    B. Terrorist and subversive incidents and matters concerning internal security.

    C. Riots involving breach of peace or death of any person, if they are of a specially grave nature.

    D. Riots involving the use of fire arms and/or explosives.

    E. Assault on the police, in which death or serious injury to the police is reported.

    F. Cases of possession or manufacture of use of bombs or explosives resulting in death or grievous hurt.

    G. Serious fire accidents which involve loss of properties worth one lakh of rupees and above, or loss of human life, even by implication, irrespective of properties lost and their value or accidents involving serious irregularities attributable to mischief or foul play.

    H. Fasts, Hartals, Strikes and Satyagrahas of all kinds.

    I. All incidents in which fire is opened by Government servants.

    J. All cases of alleged torture by the police or death or grievous injury caused while in police custody.

    K. All other important and grave occurrences not covered by items (A) to (J) above, which may be of interest to the Government.

    L. Caste-motivated offences of murder, violence resulting in grievous hurt, rape and serious mischief or arson committed on members of S.Cs and S.Ts.

    M. Organized crime that affects civic life and security.

    N. Any other matter on which the Government may call for a report.

    Copies of reports on item ‘G’ shall also be sent to the Principal Secretary Revenue Department. Likewise copies of reports on such matters as strikes and student agitations shall be sent to the Minister and Secretary concerned.

    His other important functions and responsibilities include, the enforcement of Code of Conduct among the Police Officers of all ranks, Police welfare and housing and a proper mechanism for redressal of grievances.

    In the discharge of these functions the DGP has full authority to delegate and entrust any of the functions to the officers subordinate to him as permissible under rules and regulations.

    Addl. DGP - Law and Order

    The Addl. Director General of Police (L & O) is the staff officer of the DGP to assist him in supervision of the police of all the districts in the state in the matters of prevention of breach of peace, maintenance of public order, law and order, planning and implementation of operations and in dealing with all situations including terrorist and subversive activities, communal, caste, or regional or other widespread agitations subject to the control of DGP.


    A. Assisting DGP in the supervision, management and leadership of the Police, and in maintaining discipline, morale and high professional standards of work at all levels;

    B. Organization and implementation of preventive measures, particularly Police beat system, patrols and surveillance;

    C. Personal direction of measures necessary for maintenance of peace, public order, law and order and security and assistance to DGP in operations, coordination and reporting;

    D. Organisation and implementation of Community Policing schemes, police community relations and promoting mutual understanding and trust;

    E. Supervision of work as allotted and any other function related to these as instructed by the DGP.


    A. Annual inspection of Zonal IsG/DIsGP offices and one District office in each Zone;

    B. Meetings and scrutiny of work of officers in the District with reference to specific items of allotted work;

    C. Scrutiny and compliance with the Code of Conduct, police regulations and providing guidance through proper instructions in the monthly reports of the Superintendent of Police and the Zonal IsG/DIsGP;

    D. Attend meetings on subjects of his charge on his own or on behalf of DGP;

    F. Coordination and cooperation within Police, with other branches, CID, City police and other States;

    G. Provide assistance, wherever necessary, in the matters of investigation of cases apprehension of offenders, searches seizures and preservation of scene;

    H. Preparation of schemes and contingency plans for maintenance of peace and order in connection with elections, major festivals and fairs or agitations or violent incidents and their implementation both at the State and local levels by concerned officers;

    I. Visit personally areas of serious breaches of peace or misconduct by police and direct operations to control the situation;

    J. Any other duty incidental and necessary to the above as directed by the DGP;

    In the performance of these duties he shall be in close touch with the Addl. DsGP, Administration, CID, Intelligence and Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City. The State and the Districts Control Rooms should be efficiently organized and be kept constantly alert and responsive. In disciplinary matters relating to his charge, he shall exercise the powers delegated to him by DGP. He shall be provided with confidential section, with Intelligence staff when ever possible.

    The monthly reports and inspection reports of CsP (other than Hyderabad City), SP of Districts and Zonal IsG/DIsGP, will be forwarded with his comments or instructions to the DGP before they are returned to the concerned.

    Where specific crimes as contemplated in order No.33-8 are registered and are investigated, progress reports in those cases, if required, shall be sent to the Government by Addl. DGP, CID. However, situation reports should be continued to be sent by Addl. DGP (Law & Order) along with reports on specific crimes, till the situation returns to normal.

    Addl. DGP - Crime Investigation Department (CID)

    His main role is to ensure performance of one of the most vital functions of police i.e. investigation and detection of cases in the State subject to the general control and supervision of the DGP. He is directly responsible for efficient functioning of investigation, coordination and supervision of all investigation of CID cases in the State, and for ensuring coordination with other States, National Agencies and through them with other countries. He shall plan and implement schemes to employ latest advances in Science and Technology in the field of investigation, to upgrade investigative skills of Police Officers, to build an effective criminal records and intelligence system and to ensure integrity and impartiality in investigation. He shall allocate tasks and duties to various officers in CID including coordinating function. The Addl. DGP CID will have full powers of Head of Department (HOD) in financial matters. He shall also have all disciplinary powers in accordance with the APCS (CC&A) rules existing in so far as CID staff is concerned. Where specific crimes as contemplated in order No.33-8 are registered and investigated, progress reports in those cases, if required, shall be sent to the Government by Addl. DGP, CID.


    A. Supervision and control as head of the CID;

    B. Administrative and operational control of the State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB), Finger Print Bureau (FPB).

    C. Mutual cooperation and liaison with other States, national agencies such as CBI, NCRB, Interpol, MHA, NCB, Enforcement Directorate, Enforcement Wing of Customs, Excise, Banking, CBDT and RPF;

    D. General direction, supervision and coordination of investigation of cases;

    E. Maintenance, up-dating, custody and use of criminal records, and criminal intelligence systems;

    F. Organize research, study and analysis of crime and rendering advice to frame guidelines on measures to prevent and detect crimes;

    G. Constantly update and apply the scientific and technological aids available for crime detection, their adoption and application by the field staff;

    H. Assist the DGP in directing operations to control outbreak of crime, investigation of offences in situations of serious and widespread riots or agitations and in compiling necessary reports to Government and others;

    I. Keep DGP and the Government informed of the state of affairs in his charge from time to time.

    Duties and responsibilities:-

    He will conduct annual inspection of the work records of Inspectors General working in the CID. He shall ensure frequent visits and annual inspections of Districts, Railways and City Crime Branches by himself or by IsGP CID, nominated by him. The SP of the district may be present during such inspections. However Addl. DGP, CID, himself will do the annual inspection of SCRB, FPB, and Research Wing. His other duties include;

    A. Personal visits to places of investigation of serious crime, which is likely to generate insecurity, panic or attract widespread public and media attention;

    B. To assess the quality, conduct, performance of Investigating Officers, efficacy of methods and handicaps experienced by them by touring and to take such remedial steps as required for quality investigation and for effective coordination;

    C. To arrange and monitor collection, storage, updating, retrieval, and use of data on crime, criminals, opening and maintenance of dossiers, collection and dissemination of criminal intelligence;

    D. Introduction of automatic search facility for fingerprints and equipment for identification by portrait building with accessibility of such facilities by Investigators all over the State;

    E. Publication of Gazettes for internal use, Analysis reports, and lapses noticed in cases disposed off in courts;

    F. Provision of adequate working space, equipment, transport, communication, stationery and funds required for all investigating teams;

    G. Update investigative skills and assign specific tasks to the Research Wing particularly the study of judgments, journals and publications, Acts and laws which police have to enforce, and communicate constantly the results to all the concerned in the form of guidelines;

    H. To ensure that the disposal of every case after investigation by CID has the approval of at least one superior officer above the immediate superior of IO except in very minor cases. The authority whose approval is necessary is the highest officer who receives the case diary of a particular case in a regular basis. In respect of grave crimes the final decision shall be that of the IGP CID concerned. In cases of specially grave nature the final authority for approval will be Addl. DGP CID. Any case may however be placed by Addl. DGP CID for approval before DGP.

    Addl. DGP - Administration

    His role shall be to perform all administrative, personnel, legal, welfare and sports, provisioning and logistic functions and budget and organization of the Department subject to the control of DGP. His functions are -

    A. Supervision of the work of the Chief Office as allotted;

    B. Personnel and financial management of the department, except Training and Recruitment;

    C. Efficient management of provisioning, logistics, their modernization and better administration.

    D. Evolve procedures that would ensure economy and cost effective measures and eliminate delays by adopting simplified procedure.

    E. Ensure that necessary financial powers are made available to field officers for more efficient performance of principal police duties like investigation and maintenance of law and order and public order.

    F. Preparation and implementation of schemes aimed at welfare and health of the force and their families and also to promote sports activities.

    Duties and Responsibilities:-

    In Chief Office, all staff dealing with the subjects of Budget, Accounts, Provisioning and Logistics, Personnel, Legal, Organization, Coordination, Welfare and Sports shall work under his direct supervision and monitoring and he will exercise all powers of the Head of the Department as per delegation. He shall conduct annual inspection of work of Chief Office, IsGP Personnel, Legal, Coordination, Welfare and Sports, Provisioning and Logistics, Budget and Organization, DIGP (A), Chief Accounts Officer, Chief Office Store and Printing Press. All annual inspection notes on Districts, City Police, APSP Offices and Offices of all other establishment of Police, shall be reviewed and suitable measures taken to rectify the shortcomings in the system with the approval of DGP. He shall ensure complete implementation of Computerization of all matters of the wings entrusted to him. He shall also ensure timely submission of ACRs as prescribed and issue necessary instructions as to maintenance of personnel files of Officers. His powers shall consist of administrative and financial powers of DGP on delegation. Other duties of Addl.D.G.P. (Admn.) are:

    A. Ensuring Inspection of all seats in the Chief Office to liquidate pendency by IsG / DIsGP attached to Chief Office;

    B. Regular monitoring of disposals of disciplinary cases, suspension cases and court cases, ensuring prompt assistance to legal officers, Government pleaders and prosecutors with out any delay;

    C. Arrange thorough scrutiny of all inspection notes of all Units received in Chief Office and follow up action thereon particularly those received from Addl. DsGP and IsGP on Units under their charge;

    D. Ensuring proper reply and suitable disposal to all petitions and references received from public, Government, Courts, NHRC, Assembly, Parliament, assurances and those pertaining to follow up action on enquiry reports, etc.

    E. Supply of uniforms and other clothes, articles and accoutrements regularly to all personnel and Unit stores;

    F. Monitoring of payment of pension and other benefits to those who superannuated or died or became sick;

    G. Personnel matters such as transfers, promotions, disciplinary matters and retirement benefits, in respect of all Police Officers, Gazetted and Non-Gazetted, Maintenance of service books and personal files and issue of instructions thereon are part of his functions in Chief Office.

    H. He is responsible for safety and security of records and property in the DGP’s office complex. He will supervise all house keeping functions. He shall arrange to draw and rehearse (a) Fire Alarm system; (b) Other emergency measures; (c) Evacuation and safeguarding of persons and records; (d) Internal security scheme; and (e) Reception and accommodation of visitors.

    Addl. DGP – Intelligence:-

    Intelligence and Security Wing of the Police Department are very important functional organs of the Govt. The Addl. DGP Intelligence and Security is assisted by such number of officers of different ranks as decided by the Government in consultation with Director General of Police from time to time.

    His role and responsibility are to arrange collection of intelligence relevant to and connected with public order, security of the State and of important personalities, law and order, communal, caste, linguistic, industrial, political, agrarian tensions, upheavals, terrorist and subversive activities etc. He will conduct enquiries connected with these matters and arrange timely dissemination of intelligence to avert violent situations. He is in-charge of the Intelligence Department of the Police and is responsible for coordination of intelligence work of all Units maintaining quality and high professionalism. He shall assist DGP in the timely communication of information to the Government and others on need to know basic. In the performance of this sensitive assignment the Addl. DGP shall utilize all resources available to him. The functioning of the Intelligence Department shall be in accordance with the Manual prescribed for State Intelligence and local Special Branch Units of the Districts and Cities.

    The Addl. DGP Intelligence and Security will also be responsible for maintenance of internal Vigilance in the department enforcing the strict implementation of conduct rules. He shall organise Vigilance checks in the department and identify, report and take action with the approval of the DGP in the areas of graft in the department.

    The Addl. DGP, Intelligence and Security, should ensure either by himself or by one of IsGP or DIsGP of Intelligence, inspection of all District Special Branches/City/Railway Special Branches as well as Regional Intelligence Units during the year.

    Addl. DGP - Recruitment and Training

    He is the Chairman of State Level Police Recruitment Board (SLPRB). His main function is timely recruitment and training of all police ranks. He shall, subject to relevant rules, plan and implement effective recruitment procedures and arrange all induction, in-service, on-job training programme for the department. The heads of all training institutions will report to him through IGP Training while Director APPA will report to him directly. IGP (Rect.) assists him in recruitment.

    It shall be his duty to keep the police personnel in a high state of efficiency by devising appropriate, relevant and effective training programs including on the job training. The Training institutions attached to various Units and Wings of police department will work under the administrative control of respective Units/Wings. The designing, up-dating and running of on-job training and other courses by effective use of institutional as well as distant education concept shall be done by the concerned with his approval. It shall be his responsibility to guide and ensure sound methodology. Towards this end he is authorized to issue instructions to all officers in the department. Recruitment procedures have to be simple and transparent. He should undertake a constant review of both training and recruitment procedures to keep them update. He shall ensure the use of latest equipment and aids to training. He shall report to the DGP and keep him informed of the state of recruitment and training. He shall exercise such powers as are delegated to him and take all decisions by obtaining DGP’s approval wherever necessary. He shall inspect APPA and at least two other training establishments every year. The testing and examination procedures, framing of correct syllabi, preparation of lesson plans, preparation, printing and distribution of reading material, textbooks, other literature and training aids in the nature of slides, videotapes shall be done and constantly monitored by the APPA and other training institutions under his direction. All training programme including those conducted in Units, Districts and City that require DGP’s approval should be routed through him. The deputation of officers for training outside the State and country or to institutions other than police Units within the State should be routed through him for final approval by the DGP. He shall maintain liaison with BPR&D and other advanced training Institutions in the country and abroad.

    Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City

    He shall be responsible for all aspects of policing in respect of the City of Hyderabad besides duties cast on him by the Hyderabad City Police Act. He also functions as Addl. District Magistrate for the City of Hyderabad. He acts as such directly or through Dy. Commissioners. He has the licensing powers under the Cinematograph Act, Arms Act and other Acts on par with District Magistrate of a District. He has power to detain persons under the Preventive Detention Laws. He reports to DGP and keeps him constantly informed of all developments in the City. He should maintain close liaison with Addl. DGsP Law & Order, Administration, CID and Intelligence. It shall be his duty to frame and up-date regulations for the efficient discharge of duties by the City Police and lay down clear policies and orders in respect of all licensing and permit procedures. Copies of the reports sent by him to Government should be marked to DGP. Special Armed Reserve at Central Police Lines Amberpet shall also be under the administrative control of CP Hyderabad. The Commissioner of Police has full financial powers of a Head of the Department.

    Main functions:-

    A. Continuous evaluation of emerging issues and formulates police policy for maintenance of Law & Order prevention and detection of crimes. Improvement of response mechanism and keeping the Control Room fully equipped;

    B. Effective coordination among different Wings of the City police;

    C. Organize community-policing system for building an effective police-public relations mechanism for prevention and detection of crime and for maintenance of Law & Order etc.

    D. Organisation and implementation of Policing beats, patrols and surveillance;

    E. Build and update Crime and Criminal Information System;

    F. Internal vigilance to enforce code of conduct;

    G. Arranging regular on the job training courses, their progress and impact.

    H. To keep all members of the City Police in a state of high efficiency and morale;

    I. Building effective intelligence mechanism to monitor and control communal, terrorist and subversive activities.

    J. Accord high priority and attention to traffic education, and enforcement as well as training of traffic personnel.

    K. Maintain the Reserve Police of the City fully trained and prepared to be an effective striking force in times of need.

    L. To inspect and visit various Units in his charge to the extent possible and to arrange for the periodical inspections by the Addl./Joint/Deputy/Assistant Commissioners as laid down in this Manual or according to the need.

    The other Commissioners of Police for other cities in the State perform all the duties of a Commissioner with in the purview of A.P. District Police (Andhra Area) Act or A.P. District Police (Telangana Area) Act as the case may be. They are also vested with the powers of Addl. District Magistrate as laid down in Cr.P.C.1973 (Act 2 of 1974) and other relevant Acts.


    The DGP / Addl. DGP (Armed Police) is the head of the Armed Police consisting of all APSP Bns in the State. IGP and DIsGP APSP Bns assist him in his duties. His role is supervision of the functioning of all APSP Bns. in the State inclusive of administrative, personnel, logistics, provisioning and deployment matters etc. He shall be responsible for keeping the force under him in a state of high discipline, morale and training. High priority should be given to the welfare, allocation of duties, health, clothing, equipment and living accommodation. He shall ensure that the concerned IG/DIGP under him inspect all the units under them once a year. The manual of instructions of APSP shall be updated from time to time under his supervision and shall be implemented effectively.

    Technical Services:

    The Addl. DGP (Technical Services) will be incharge of Police Transport Organization, Police Communications and Police Computer Services. His functions are mainly to have overall supervision and control over these three technical wings. These technical wings are headed each by one IGP, who will have complete control over the administration, personnel and execution of works in their respective wings.

    Inspector General of Police

    IsGP hold vital senior management and operational positions, based on functional division. They should study and formulate policy in respect of the subject handled by them and guide the unit officers in the state in respect of that subject. They should be well informed of the matters under their charge and with this ability, should guide their sub-ordinates working under them. Every Inspector-General of Police having executive duties should send his tour programme to the Director General of Police and to the Unit Officers, SP and DM. He will also forward to the Director-General of Police by the fifth of each month a monthly return showing the details of his tours and inspections in the previous month in Form 4. Besides Head of Zones, IsGP are posted to organizations and establishments such as DGP office, APSP, City Police, Intelligence, CID, Traffic and highway police or to some other positions in the Police Department and other wings of State Government. Officers of the rank of DIGP also may be posted as DIGP of Zones/Ranges.

    Powers and Duties of Junior Officers

    Duties of Police Officers - General

    Every Police Officer is supposed to be always on duty and have the powers of a Police Officer in every part of the State. It shall be his duty to use his best endeavors and ability to prevent crimes, preserve peace, apprehend disorderly and suspicious characters, to investigate and detect offences bring the offenders to Justice, collect and communicate intelligence effecting public peace and promptly obey and execute all orders lawfully issued. The duties in detail of each branch are provided in the relevant chapters.

    Inspector of Police

    The main duties of Inspector of Police are investigation of important cases in his circle besides supervision of police work of his circle in all its branches, to maintain discipline among his subordinates, and to keep the Superintendent of Police and the Sub Divisional Police Officer informed of the state of circle from the Police point of view from time to time.

    Inspection of Station

    The Inspector must thoroughly inspect each PS of his circle once in a year, constantly and systematically tour throughout his circle, making enquiries about bad characters, the state of crime, community policing (maithri) and general efficiency of police work.

    Visit each of his Police Stations once in a month, check the current work of the Station and give necessary instructions, pointing out errors, entering the same in the visitors note book and sending a copy to the S.D.P.O. He shall enter in the visitor’s book the details of cases in which instructions issued relating to delay in investigation, finalisation, and trials.

    He shall discuss with the Sub Inspector, the cases under investigation, clues for detection and assist in the progress of the cases in finalising them without unnecessary delay.

    He should also supervise the prosecutions of cases, for quick disposal, and see that the witnesses are produced in courts regularly and co-ordinate the police with prosecutors and enlist co-ordination in the success of cases.

    During his visits to the Police Stations, he shall scrutinise the station crime history part-I, and see whether all cases have been entered correctly and the register is maintained property. He should peruse the K.D. check register and duty roster to see whether beats are properly served and checked. He should also check beats himself and visit as many villages as possible and see that he visits all villages once in a year. The village visiting by the inspector shall be noted in the village roster maintained by him. The SDPO must watch the progress of village visits by the inspector.

    The Inspector must inspect once in a half-year, the books, shops, premises and stocks of all licensed manufactures and vendors of arms, ammunition and military stores. He shall also inspect once in a quarter all places where petroleum is stored. He shall also inspect all licensed revolvers/pistols at the licensee’s residence in the first quarter of each year.

    Duties of Inspector in regard to crime

    1. The Inspector shall assume charge of investigation in all grave crimes as in order 52-7 and be responsible from the initial stages till the finalisation and prosecution of the case.

    2. He shall personally investigate any other important case, or if the SDPO or Superintendent of Police orders him to do so. He shall write the case diaries in all cases that are investigated by him.

    3. On the occurrence of a crime of any importance, the Inspector should proceed to the spot without delay, to supervise and guide the investigation and take charge of the direction and co-ordination of all work.

    4. Where the Inspector takes up the investigation, he shall continue till it takes a definite shape. If however he has to leave the investigation for some unavoidable reasons, to be recorded in writing, he must come back as soon as possible and continue the investigation till the case takes a definite shape. In case he has to leave a case during investigation he should record in his case diary the opinion he has formed of the case so far as well as detailed instructions regarding the line of further action.

    5. Whenever the Inspector is present at the investigation made by one of his Subordinates, he shall countersign the case diary certifying its correctness. This does not however absolve the Sub-Inspector of his primary responsibility of investigation of the case properly.

    Breach of the peace

    1. If a serious breach of the peace is anticipated the Inspector shall promptly proceed to the locality and take measures to prevent it. In the absence of any senior officer, he shall take command of the police engaged in suppressing any riot taking place in his presence. He should take the help of Maithri Committees in this regard.

    2. The Inspector should be present on the occasion of large festivals and public assemblies and supervise the police arrangements.

    3. He should plan, co-ordinate and organize anti-terrorist operations by collecting useful information about terrorists, their hideouts, shelters, financiers, modules etc.


    1. At the close of the week, the Inspector shall submit a weekly diary in Form No.10. He should enter in it the work done by him and any other matter of departmental interest. When the Inspector leaves his headquarters, his halting places and the villages visited, the distance travelled and the manner of performing journey should be given. The weekly diary should be dispatched on Monday containing the details up to previous Saturday night. If any thing of importance has occurred on Sunday or in a journey undertaken by him on Sunday, the same also will be incorporated in the diary.

    2. Besides the weekly diaries, the Inspector must also send special and immediate reports on any important or urgent matters, which occur, in his circle.

    3. He shall also send a monthly itineration report in Form 11.

    4. The Inspector shall forward to his immediate superior case diaries in cases investigated by him. He shall send a copy of the case diary to the station where the crime is registered and retain one copy with himself.

    Crime Register of Inspectors

    1. All cognizable cases under the IPC and also cases under special and local laws shall be entered in the Inspectors crime register (Form 7) to enable him to maintain a check over their investigation and disposal either by himself or station house officers. Entry shall be made in column (6) of the points, which the Inspector wishes to keep in mind concerning the case.

    2. In case in which the Inspector does not forward the case diaries to the SDPOs as in Order No. 60-4, the Inspector will write “F” or “R” as the case may be below the date as shown below.

    15/2/F:- to denote that the case diary dated 15/2 has been filed.

    15/2/R:- to denote that the case diary dated 15/2 has been returned with remarks to the investigating officer.

    3. No such register need be maintained by Inspector who is SHO of a Police Station. The case diaries of cases investigated by them shall be sent to SDPO who will maintain the necessary registers.

    4 The Inspector shall transmit to his immediate superior (SDPO) case diaries received form his subordinates and others who are authorised to investigate except those in cases mentioned in Order 60-4. All case diaries and correspondence relating to each case should be maintained and held in the personal custody of investigating officer and kept in the Police Station concerned. It is a privileged document and under no circumstances can it be shown to any person other than immediate superior and as provided by law.

    95. The Inspector shall record his daily movements and activities chronologically in his notebook. When a notebook is finished it shall be filed with the circle records and retained for 3 years. He shall leave his current notebook behind when he is transferred.

    Circle Information book

    The Inspector shall take care that the circle information book (Form 12) is properly compiled and kept up to date. The objective of this book is to pass on the knowledge gained by an officer to his successor. The Inspector shall also record in the circle information book the dates of changes of circle charge.

    Annual review of Crime and Notes on Crime in the Station Crime History

    1. The Inspector must himself compile the annual review of crime and investigation of each station in part-I of the station crime history. He shall send it to the SDPO for approval before end of January. After approval he will send it to the station keeping a copy in his office for his use. He should also see that entries in part-IV of station crime history are properly made. He should enter in his circle information book a gist of the entries made in the part-IV of the station crime history of each station.

    Station Inspection report

    2. The Circle Inspector should record his remarks on the inspection of a station in the Inspectors visiting book (Form 13) and forward a carbon copy to his immediate superior with his diary.

    3. The Inspector must check guards and attend drill in his head quarters station as frequently as possible and in other stations during his visits and inspections, effect meetings with inspectors of border circles and also conduct prosecution in courts, permissible under rules, in simple cases and more particularly in security cases.

    Inspectors to call on Collectors

    4. The Circle Inspectors, if present at a place where the Collector is camping, should make it a point to call on him.

    Records from Circle and Station

    1. Station and Circle records, which have to be retained in the District Police Office, will be sent to the District Police Office by the Inspector in the month of January every year.

    2. At the close of each year the Inspector will prepare and forward to the District Police Office for the orders of the Superintendent of Police a list in respect of each station, of time expired records, which need not be retained, and other useless papers for destruction. These will be destroyed by the Inspector himself on receipt of the orders from the Superintendent of Police

    3. The Inspector is responsible for the destruction of the case diary files and first information reports retained in his office and in stations. These files will be retained for three calendar years after the year in which the case is disposed off. If a case remains undisposed or not fully disposed, case diary file should be retained for a period of 30 years.

    4. Every Inspector, Reserve Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Reserve Sub-Inspector, Head Constable and Constable (Not belonging to HQs units) should report his arrival and departure to/from District Hq. at the District Police Office/District Control Room, unless there is specific reason, like attending court or leaving the HQs within a short time.

    Attendance at Sessions

    As an investigating officer, the Inspector should as a rule attend Session and the courts of Judicial First Class Magistrates during the trial of the case, unless there are specific reasons for his absence. In such an event he should depute his Sub-Inspector who assisted him in the investigation. As investigating officer he must assist the prosecution by causing regular attendance of witnesses, before prosecutor for refreshing their memory and for preparation of cross examination, arguments etc. The investigating officer should enter the progress of cases in trials in the court case diaries. The court case diaries should contain a gist of all the proceedings of the day in the court including observations or comments, arguments, presence or otherwise of witnesses, accused, reasons for adjournments etc.

    Police Station

    In all ‘A’ grade municipal towns and Commissionerates there will be separate police stations for Law and Order, Crime investigation and Traffic, for efficient police functioning. Where a separate police station for crime investigation and traffic cannot be established, these duties will be performed by the law and order police station with additional strength. The duties of SHOs of law and order, investigation and traffic P.S. are detailed in Order No.101 to 104. These police stations as far as possible will be headed by Inspectors of Police as station house officers (SHOs), assisted by sub-inspectors and other staff. This is more so in the case of crime and investigation police stations, as experience counts for successful investigation. Besides maintaining law and order, successful investigation and prosecution of cases are the basis for controlling crime and criminals. In view of this, the investigative/crime police stations should be equipped with police officers having an aptitude for scientific interrogation of criminals and detection of crimes. To meet these ends trained staff with skillful application of scientific and modern techniques without resorting to obsolete and rule of thumb methods should be posted. Crime police stations must be provided with modern and scientific equipment, essential personnel to aid investigation like photographers and assistance from forensic department and dog squad.

    Sub Inspector – Station House Officer (General)

    1. The Sub-Inspector in charge of a Police Station is fully responsible for the Police Administration of his charge. The Sub-Inspector is an important and vital functionary in the police department. He shall be responsible for proper management of the station and optimum utilisation of the resources and facilities available. It shall be his duty to manage the staff and work of the police station in accordance with the law and rules and to make the police station a place where the needy public gets necessary and immediate response. The image of the police department basically reflects on the conduct and behaviour of the Sub-Inspector and his staff in the station, as it is at that point, public has a direct access with the police. The Sub-Inspector and his staff should behave politely and courteously with the public giving an impression of friendly approach. Active co-operation from Maithri Committees shall be solicited in the matters of L&O, crime, prevention etc. All illegal methods or ill treatments against persons should be avoided at all costs giving way to an impression to the public that the police are there to extend their helping hand in the discharge of their duties. The Sub-Inspector must respect human values and human dignity and should know that powers are vested in him to discharge his duties legitimately but not to arrogate to satisfy his ego and vanity. If he crosses his limits he will be doing so at his risk as the department will not come to his rescue.

    2. He should assign duties to his staff and personally ensure that these duties are correctly performed. He shall take measures for the prevention of crime, for the preservation of peace, for speedy investigation and prosecution of cases. When more than one Sub-Inspector is employed in a police station, which is headed by a Sub-Inspector, the junior officer shall act in accordance with the orders of senior. He shall maintain a notebook in which he will write then and there his daily movements and activities in discharge of his duties. The completed notebook will be retained for 3 years with the station records. He will handover his current notebook to his successor when he goes on transfer.

    Acquisition of local knowledge

    3. He shall acquire full local knowledge and become acquainted with the people of his station limits especially the village secretariate and panchayat officials and enlist their co-operation in prevention of crime and breach of peace. He should also involve Maithri Committees in this regard. The S.H.O. shall normally visit all the villages and localities in towns in his jurisdiction once a quarter. Passing through a village with out doing the work cannot be treated as a visit.

    Duties with regard to law and order & crime investigation

    The duties of officer in charge of a police station are set out in the Police Acts and CrPC. They broadly relate to maintenance of law and order, prevention and detection of crime, investigation and prosecution of offences as detailed below.

    Law and Order

    1. The Sub Inspector of Police / SHO is responsible for the maintenance of the law and order and public order in his jurisdiction. His duties in this regard include,

    A. Personal leadership and supervision of duties and work of all the staff and men allotted to his charge including their welfare, discipline and morale

    B. Organising and active participation in crime prevention and detection, maintenance of law and order and anti-terror operations, dispersal of unlawful assemblies and prevention of breach of peace and public order.

    C. Organising beats and patrols and its personal supervision.

    D. Designing and implementation of policing schemes suited to such beat areas and securing co-operation of public and maithri committees.

    E. Obtaining prompt information about activities in the field of Communal, Caste, Political, Student, or other segments of society including subversive elements and identify trouble spots and trouble mongers and to take effective preventive measures like launching security proceedings under Cr.P.C.

    F. Maintenance of good public relations in his station limits.

    G. Visiting and spending adequate time in the villages, localities of his station limit.

    H. Maintenance of effective surveillance over bad characters, anti-social elements, and rowdies of the area under his charge.

    I. Constantly endeavour to maintain high professional standard and keep himself updated, well informed and motivated.

    J. Pursuit and apprehension of offenders on available clues and information.

    K. Collection of information on all important matters relevant to police duties and his functions and communicating the same to his immediate superior police officer and to other concerned superior police officers promptly.

    Investigation and Prosecution

    The Sub Inspector of Police / SHO is responsible for the investigation of all cases reported in his jurisdiction except for those where the investigation is entrusted to Inspector / DSP or other senior officers or CID. As officer in charge of police station he shall perform the following duties relating to investigation and prosecution of cases.

    A. He shall register all cognizable cases furnishing a copy to the complainant invariably free of cost and send the original F.I.R to the courts concerned immediately and copies to his superior officer. Failure to give a copy of FIR to complainant free of cost shall amount to misconduct.

    B. In respect of non-cognizable offences reported in the station, he shall record the information in the general diary and also in the non-cognizable register, and refer the complainant to the court by an endorsement.

    C. In cases of non-cognizable offences referred by court or any cognizable offences presented by parties directly in courts but endorsed by the court to the S.H.O, he shall register such cases and investigate.

    D. He shall promptly arrive at the scene of crime and thoroughly examine the same for clues and for other matters of investigation.

    E. He shall make arrangements for the preservation of the scene.

    F. He shall promptly conduct investigation by identifying, preserving, collecting and forwarding of material, to scientific experts, and collection of documentary and oral evidence.

    G. He shall make use of scientific methods available for investigation.

    H. He shall hold inquest where necessary and forward the bodies for the post mortem examination according to the necessity.

    I. He shall examine witnesses and record their statements accurately and promptly.

    J. Conduct searches, and seize material if any as per provisions of Cr.P.C.

    K. Arrest persons where necessary observing the necessary provisions of law and the decisions of the court and send them to remand in time.

    L. Forward to the court the weapons and article seized from the accused as well as seizure affected from searches along with necessary reports.

    M. Obtain investigation report from subordinate officers deputed to investigation.

    N. He shall write the case diaries regularly and forward them to the superior officers promptly to enable them to give instructions for further investigations.

    O. He shall finalise the cases without delay and file charge sheets where the evidence is sufficient for prosecution within the period of limitation imposed by the Cr.P.C and Courts.

    P. He shall promptly serve summons and execute warrants.

    Q. He shall take all steps to promptly prosecute the cases where evidence is sufficient by assisting the prosecutor by producing witnesses promptly to refresh their memory before examining them as witnesses in Courts.

    R. Obtain copies of Judgements in cases of acquittal, read them and forward them to the prosecutor for his opinion for preferring appeal.

    Inspection of drill and kit of subordinates, Training and instructions

    3. He shall inspect the drill of his subordinates, hold inspection of their kits, catechise them upon the performance of their duty and examine their beat books and note books. The police men of the station should be briefed on all matters that have bearing on their work and conduct through written material, Television, Video and other visual aids, Radio programmes specially broadcast and also personal instructions so that they are psychologically oriented to discharge their allotted duties in an efficient manner.

    Daily reports from Station House Officer

    The station house officer shall forward daily to the Inspector a carbon or photostat copy of the station general daily with a docket in the form prescribed along with copies of F.I.R. registered and case diaries of that day.

    Station House Officer of Traffic Police Station

    The station house officer of traffic police station should acquire full knowledge of all roads, highways and congested areas. He should also acquire knowledge of the details of the vehicles, density of traffic, movement of contraband and suspected persons, road side truck terminals, parking places, eating houses, motels etc. Keeping in view the specific problems of the areas he should make arrangements for the removal of obstructions, clearing traffic jams, observance of traffic regulations, rendering first aid and prompt medical assistance to road accident victims, incidence control and immediate action to preserve the scene of the road accidents. He shall maintain close liaison with the officials and engineers of roads and transport department, local bodies, electricity, telephones etc., and take short as well as long-term measures for smooth flow of traffic. He shall pay attention to the training of his staff and actively participate in spreading traffic education in his area. He shall also render free and social aid to all victims or their representatives in claiming compensation in compensatory tribunals by furnishing the copies of F.I.R., inquest report P.M. report or wound certificate, copy of insurance certificate free of cost as well as by advising them to that end. Patrolling of highways is one of his important duties. The matters that should be attended to in each area or beat have to be identified and instructions issued in the patrol register. Maintenance of patrol vehicles and equipment to keep them in top condition is his responsibility.

    Sub Inspectors of Railway Police Stations

    The Sub-Inspectors of Railway police shall perform the duties as local police. They shall acquaint themselves with the functioning of the Railway, the details of all trains that pass through, the nature of crime that occur, the criminals or groups that operates in Railways, the prevention of thefts and maintenance of order on platform, ticket windows, parcel offices, cloak rooms, marshalling yards, the organization of beats and surveillance, security arrangements, and action to be initiated in case of accidents.

    Reporting lapses for disciplinary action

    1. Station House Officers of all branches will be supplied with punishment roll forms and when he deals with any officer for punishment he will attach a punishment roll entering in relevant column titled “Defaulters” the total number of defaults and the particulars of the last three punishments. He will forward it to the SDPO who will fill up the first column and transmit the roll to the concerned Superintendent of Police. The authorities competent to impose penalties are dealt with in the chapter titled “Disciplinary Proceedings, Punishments and Appeals”.

    2. When an Inspector or Station House Officer calls for an explanation from any subordinate officer, it should be obtained and submitted at once to the SDPO accompanied by a punishment roll unless reasons are furnished for non-submission of a punishment roll.

    Non-appearance of Pensioners to draw Pension

    3. On receipt of information regarding non-appearance of pensioner for over 3 months enquiry may be caused by the police and the concerned officer informed.

    Entries in small service books

    4. Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors will make authorised entries in the small service books of their subordinates. It is their responsibility to keep them updated. Entries relating to biennial medical examination, the ailment and treatment undergone and all relevant information relating to the health of the Constable and the Head Constable should be entered and shown to him. Important instructions given and the manner in which the tasks were performed, the reports if any concerning any Constable may also be entered after bringing it to the notice of the SDPO. The small service book should be a complete record of the service including minor and major punishments, rewards, commendation letters, leave and performance of the Constable and should therefore be maintained in a regular manner. It shall be the duty of the S.H.O. to ensure this.

    Asst. Sub-Inspector

    The following shall be the duties of the Assistant Sub-Inspector.

    A. Investigation of simple cases as directed by S.H.O. and assisting investigation in all cases handled by S.H.Os and other superior officers.

    B. Petition enquiry

    C. Checking of enquiries in verification rolls

    D. Supervision of service of process work

    E. To function as an officer in charge of a beat area and check patrols

    F. Direct supervision or handling of station scriptory work

    G. Detailing duties to the staff during Sub-Inspectors absence and exercising supervision and control over the Constables and Head Constables

    H. Maintenance of cash book

    I. Preparation of pay and travelling allowance bills (He should sign them only when the S.I. is absent)

    J. Maintenance of Arms and Ammunition and registers connected there with

    K. To be in charge of out post or beat and perform these duties when posted there

    L. Such other work as may be entrusted to him

    Head Constable (General)

    1. Head Constables are mainly employed to be in charge of general duty in police stations, as station writer, as officer in charge of out post and guards and also in armed reserves, to be in charge of beat areas in rural and town police stations. He acts as S.H.O. in the absence of Sub-Inspector and Asst. Sub-Inspector. He is authorised to hold inquests and make investigation when asked by the Sub-Inspector to do so.

    General Duty Head Constable – Duties

    2-A. To work with Constables and help them to understand instructions, catechism and drill.

    B. To perform duties allotted by S.H.O.

    C. To be in charge of guard or escort when deputed.

    D. To visit villages in the station jurisdiction when deputed for a specific purpose.

    E. To work as H.C. in charge of a particular beat area.

    F. To attend to court work under the orders of S.H.O.

    G. To investigate cases when deputed by the S.H.O. and to assist the I.O. in investigation.

    H. To conduct enquiries into petty complaints.

    I. To take care of arrested persons kept in police station.

    J. To take care of reception and proper behaviour with the persons coming to police station and to attend telephone calls.

    K. To be present in the police station in the absence of Sub-Inspector unless called away in an emergency. He should take approval of S.I. before leaving the station on routine duty.

    Station Writer

    Head Constable shall normally be assigned the duties of station writer. He will perform the ministerial work of the station under the direction of S.H.O. In the absence of S.I. or A.S.I. he will allocate urgent duties to the Constables and be in charge of station property including Arms and Ammunition and carry out the routine work of the station. In the absence of the S.I., A.S.I. and their senior HCs, he will function as station house officer, take steps for registration and investigation of cases reported under his charge. He may also be employed by S.H.O. to go on night rounds and may occasionally be kept in charge of beat area. He is also responsible to watch the arrested persons kept in police station and proper reception to persons visiting police station and also for answering telephone calls when S.H.O., S.I. or A.S.I. are not present in police station.

    Head Constables as investigating assistants

    The head constables form the main strength of investigating team. They assist the team leader in the investigation of cases especially in preserving, and collecting the clues like finger prints, foot prints, materials, photographs etc. and also in,

    A. Collection of information

    B. Process service

    C. Pursuit of clues and arrest of accused and recovery of property

    D. Assisting in searches and seizures

    E. Surveillance of specially marked persons

    F. Holding inquests where directed

    G. Securing the presence of witnesses

    H. Court duty to assist prosecutor when S.I. or Inspector are not able to be present

    I. Any other work connected with the investigation of crimes

    J. Submitting reports to S.H.O. on enquiries made by them

    Head Constables as officers in charge of beat

    Head Constable or Asst. Sub-Inspector is generally assigned a beat approximately covering 2000 households and around 10,000 populations in cities and towns and a group of villages in rural areas. He shall, with the help of Constables provided, be responsible in that area for

    A. Prevention of all offences.

    B. Surveillance over criminals and bad characters.

    C. Collection of information and intelligence, affecting crime, security and law and order.

    D. Service of beats by night and day.

    E. Preventing and dealing with public nuisances, maintaining order and Incidence control.

    F. Associating with maithri committees and keeping the S.H.O. informed of all happenings.

    G. Discipline and conduct of Constables of his charge.

    H. Conducting such enquiries as are entrusted to him.

    Head Constables as officer in charge of out post

    1. Sub-Inspector, normally an ASI or HC may be kept in charge of out post. The duty of out post in charge is to supervise the work of Constables in his charge, see to the proper performance of all duties attached to the out post and maintain the prescribed records. He should submit a copy of the out post general diary daily to the mother police station.

    2. The out post in-charge is not SHO. Therefore whenever the information of cognizable offence is received in the out post, he shall forward it to the mother station for registration of F.I.R. after issuing a receipt for the same to the complainant. He will also enter the substance of the report in the out post general diary. However the complainant is entitled for a copy of the FIR from the mother police station free of cost.

    3. The officer in charge of an out post may with out intervention of the officer in charge of a police station, take action in such of the offences as can be legally taken by SI, ASI or HC as per the rank of officer-in-charge.

    4. The officer in charge of out post shall on receipt of a complaint or information of a crime or serious occurrence, take such immediate action as may appear necessary i.e. proceeding and preserving the scene, rendering medical assistance to victims, arrest of accused persons etc.

    5. Men on duty in out post should be treated on the same lines as constables allotted to beat duty as far as tenure is concerned. However, a District Order should make transfer of men to or from an out post.

    Station Charge

    G.O.Ms.No.907 Home (Pol-C) Dept, Dt 21-4-1959

    1. In the absence of the regular SHO, the senior officer present shall assume charge of the station. Senior constable present shall also be deemed to be the officer in charge in the absence of higher ranks as per section 2 (O) of Cr.P.C.

    Guard In charge

    2. Whenever a guard is detailed for Treasury or Jail or for security of a minister of a government, a Head Constable shall be kept in charge of the guard.

    3. A Head Constable from reserve police will be deputed to be at the disposal of Sessions Judge where the Sessions Court is not at the District HQRs. to maintain order in the court when there is a criminal trial. Wherever it is warranted, the SHO shall make security arrangements commensurate with the situation with the permission and consultation of the District and Sessions Judge or other Judicial Officers.

    Constables (General)

    1. A Constable is one who has maximum interface with public. As the most accessible person for public he is expected to protect the needy, rescue people from danger, apprehend offenders and assist in securing prompt help and justice. Some of the important roles assigned to him are organising and securing community participation, activising himself in prevention and detection of crime and maintenance of law and order. Another main role of the Constable is, performance of all tasks connected with beat area and there by help in prevention of offences and breach of peace. The constable on traffic duty has the task of regulating traffic. All constables in their dealings with public should inspire confidence in the efficacy of police to protect them. The police image is directly proportionate to their good conduct and behaviour in the public as they are the persons who are basically and directly in touch with them. At all costs they must avoid ill treatment either to the victims or to the accused as a first step to build the better police image.

    Powers and Duties of Constables

    2. The main duties of civil Constables are;

    A. To perform duties in beats, patrols and pickets.

    B. Surveillance over history sheeted and other potential criminals as per orders.

    C. Collection of information and intelligence relating to crimes and criminals, subversive, terrorist and anti social elements in their areas primarily and communication of the same to the authorised superiors.

    D. Developing cordial relations with local maithri committees/voluntary organizations and knowledge of households in the beat area.

    E. Convey information relating to persons and events that cause or likely to cause law and order situation or wide spread disturbances.

    F. Keep in touch with local disputes, caste/communal overtones and inform SHO.

    G. Assistance to investigating officers in the matter of arrests, recoveries, searches, identification and securing of witnesses or verification of information.

    H. Execute warrants and serve summons promptly.

    I. Escort prisoners, arrested persons.

    J. Escort injured or dead to the hospital.

    K. Guard of prisoners in custody and all station property.

    L. Help and assist in dealing with Floods, Earthquakes, Fires, Accidents, Epidemics etc. and put in responsible efforts to save lives and property.

    M. To perform allotted duties in Fairs, Festivals, Bundhs, Agitations, Riots, Large assemblies, Elections, Bandobust and security duties.

    N. To preserve and guard the scene of occurrence until necessity ceases.

    O. To behave courteously with all sections of public and treat poor people, children, women, aged and all weaker sections of society w

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Abuse Report

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