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Girijan CoOperative Corporation GCC Corporations - Business
Girijan Cooperative Corporation Ltd GCC
Girijan Cooperative Corporation Ltd GCC
  • Business Name:Girijan Cooperative Corporation Ltd GCC
  • Address 1:Regional Manager (I/C) Girijan Co-operative Corporation.
  • Address 2:Telugu Samkshema Bhavan, Masab tank HYDERABAD.
  • City:Hyderabad
  • Web Page:
  • Phone Number:+91 - 040- 23393779
  • Description:Enrich your life with natural purity and ensure a healthy and pollution free environment. For generations....

    Bringing nature's purity to your home since 1956...

    The dense lush green forests of Andhra Pradesh, a bountiful source of natural products and home to 4 million tribals..

    47 years ago, Girijan Co-operative Corporation(GCC) undertook the gaurdianship of these tribals. To protect them from exploitative middlemen, petty traders and establish a mutually beneficial relationship between them and rest of the world.

    Under the able management of GCC, these tribals gather quality Minor Forest Produce which reaches you in pure " READY TO USE" form to improve the quality of your life.

    GCC has many functions. But its very raison d'ttre is to keep the triabls smiling. This is achieved by....

    Purchasing Minor Forest Produce (MFP) and Agricultural Produce (AP) from them at reasonable and fair prices.
    Supplying Essential Commodities (ECs) and other Daily Requirements (DRs) at a fair price through a network of 838 Fair Price Shops otherwise called as Daily Requirement (DR) depots.
    Meeting their Credit requirements in an easy, convenient and effective manner.
    Imparting training to the tribals in collecting the Minor Forest Produce so that yields can be increased without endangering the trees and environment.
    Collecting the Minor Forest Produce at the very doorstep of the tribals.
    Guarding against deterioration and degradation of their produce.
    Researching to find better gradation and storage techniques.
    Pro-active search for adding new Minor Forest Produce to the list.

    Regional Manager (I/C)
    Girijan Co-operative Corporation.
    Telugu Samkshema Bhavan, Masab tank
    Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
    ) : +91 - 040- 23393779, 23398013
    Fax : +91 - 040 - 23395799
    Email :

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  • Last Voted Date:08 December,2017
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