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The Transition Cars - Auto
The Transition
The Transition
  • Business Name:The Transition
  • Address 1:5 Cranes Court
  • Address 2:
  • City:Woburn, MA, USA 01801
  • Web Page:
  • Phone Number:1-781-491-0812
  • Description:The Transition®

    Every pilot faces uncertain weather, rising costs, and ground transportation hassles on each end of the flight. The Transition® combines the unique convenience of being able to fold its wings with the ability to drive on any surface road in a modern personal airplane platform. Stowing the wings for road use and deploying them for flight at the airport is activated from inside the cockpit. This unique functionality addresses head-on the issues faced by today’s Private and Sport Pilots.

    Terrafugia’s award-winning MIT-trained engineers have been advancing the state-of-the-art in personal aircraft since 2006. Now you can streamline your flying experience with the revolutionary integration of personal land and air travel made possible by the Transition® Roadable Aircraft.
    Cruise: 100 kts (115 mph)
    Rotate: 70 kts (80 mph)
    Stall: 45 kts (51 mph)
    Range: 400nm (460 mi)
    Takeoff over 50' obstacle: 1700' Fuel burn: 5 gph
    Fuel tank: 20 gallons
    Useful Load: 430 lbs
    On road: 30 mpg, highway speeds
    Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

    Front wheel drive on the ground
    Automotive-style entry and exit
    Two place, side by side
    Automated electromechanical folding wing
    No trailer or hangar needed
    Cargo area holds skis, fishing poles or golf clubs

    Drive in case of inclement weather
    Proven 100 hp Rotax 912S engine
    Full vehicle parachute available
    Modern glass avionics
    Automotive crash safety features
    6’ 9” tall
    80” wide
    18’ 9” long

    6’ 3” tall
    19’ 2” long
    27’ 6” Cockpit:
    51” at the shoulder

    Become a Sport Pilot in as little as 20 hours of flight time in a Transition®-specific course. For existing pilots, get comfortable quickly with the familiarization training included with every Transition® delivery.

    Order Today
    Place your fully refundable $10,000 airframe reservation deposit here. Anticipated purchase price: $194,000.


    * Why is the Transition® called a roadable aircraft and not a flying car?

    The Transition® is flown by licensed pilots in and out of existing local airports. Once on the ground, with the wings folded the vehicle can be driven on any road. The Transition® is powered by a certified aircraft engine that runs on unleaded automotive gasoline. Perfect for trips between 100 and 500 miles, the Transition is not designed to replace anyone's automobile.

    * Where can I use a Transition®?

    The Transition® can take off or land at any public use general aviation airport with at least 2,500' of runway. This represents the majority of the over 5,000 public airports in the United States. On average, you're within 30 miles or less of one of these fields anywhere in the country. The Aircraft Owners' and Pilots' Association (AOPA) hosts a site that will let you search for airports near where you want to be. Click here to be redirected to that site. On the ground, the Transition® can be driven on any road and parked in a standard parking space or household garage.

    * What kind of training do I need to fly a Transition®?

    Since it will be certified as a Light Sport Aircraft, the Transition® will require a Sport Pilot license or higher to fly. You will also of course need a valid drivers license for use on the ground.

    * How does the Transition® convert from flight to road configurations?

    After landing, the pilot activates the electro-mechanical wing folding mechanism from inside the cockpit. The wings fold, once at the root and once at the mid-span, and are stowed vertically on the sides of the vehicle in less than 30 seconds. Simultaneously, the engine power is directed to the front wheels with a continuously variable transmission.

    Before flying, the pilot extends the wings and performs a standard preflight. The engine power is directed to the propeller for flight through a carbon fiber drive shaft.

    * Why would I get a Transition® instead of a car and a plane?

    Having ground mobility and the ability to fly integrated into the same vehicle provides new options for travel that are not available with two separate vehicles: If bad weather is encountered en route, the pilot can land and drive without worrying about ground transportation or having to return to pick up his plane. At the destination airport the pilot can fold the wings and drive off the airfield without having to move bags or arrange for additional transportation. Driving and flying can be combined between multiple airports as it is not necessary to take off and land at the same field.

    The Transition® also reduces the cost of ownership of an airplane by burning automotive gasoline, parking in your garage at home instead of renting a hangar, and nearly eliminating ground transportation costs.

    * A lot of previous "flying car" attempts have failed. Why is this any different?

    The Transition® has the advantage of modern engines, composite materials, and computer-based avionics. Even more important is the approach being taken by Terrafugia to design a vehicle for pilots that brings additional ground capability to an airplane instead of attempting to make a car fly.

    * When will the Transition® be available?

    First customer delivery is anticipated to be in 2011. Refundable airframe reservations are currently being accepted to hold a place in production.

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  • Last Voted Date:27 January,2015
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